Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Week 6- Starting Off: Mascara

Hi everyone!
Already week 6 of The Starting Off Project (#theSOproject). This week the category is Mascara!

What are Mascaras?
Mascaras are a type of cosmetic used to darken, lengthen and/or thicken the eyelashes. It is used to accentuate the eyes. Mascaras tend to give the illusion of larger eyes ultimately adding to a more youthful appearance by pulling the lashes up and away from the rim of the eyes. It can be used to create romantic, dramatic eyes or to simply add a subtle highlight to the eyes.

Mascaras are a very popular category of cosmetics so I thought I would add little bit of background about them.

They are one of the oldest cosmetics dating back to the time of ancient Egypt.
Natural ingredients were used to achieve the black pigment.
A substance known as Khol was used to mask the eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows and was also used to ward off evil.

Over time this product has undergone many changes. It made a shift from a pressed powder/cake form to a cream consistency and ultimately making its way to the liquid form which it is well recognised as today.

The following is a mascara that I really like and think that it provides great results!
This product is none other than…

Maybelline New York- The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara
I absolutely love this product and it was my second mascara from this brand after buying Maybelline’s The Colossal Volum’ Express. I will be doing another post with a comparison of these two beauties.

Back to the Rocket… great results… adds a hint (or explosive) drama to the eyes depending on how much you pack on…
Maybelline New York- The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara

Maybelline New York- The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara. Image of tube and wand

Maybelline New York- The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara. Image of Tube and Wand

It comes in a very curvy tube with a plastic applicator. I understand that plastic wands are not to everybody's taste but I have found it to work just as well as the regular bristle material on other wands.

The spikes (or bristle) on this wand extend from a small micro size to slightly larger ones.

Close up of the wand / applicator of Maybelline New York- The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara

I would say that it adds more volume than it does length. It gives the appearance of fuller lashes.

However, much care needs to be taken when using this mascara since it can cause the lashes to clump. But there is no fear of flaking (not that I have experienced with it : ) )

This product retails at around £7.99 and can be purchased from drugstores such as Boots and Superdrugs.

I think it is important to know what results you wish to achieve upon application of mascara.

Do you want more length? Or is it a fuller, thicker appearance to the lashes that you are after? Perhaps both?

Once you know what results you wish to achieve you can then start to narrow down your choices from the vast selection of mascaras.

Do NOT excessively plunge the applicator in and out of the tube. You will risk drying out the product and may not be able to achieve the maximum amount of wear out of it. If you really like a product you would not want it drying out quickly right?

To prevent clumping once you have applied your mascara, you can use an eyelash comb or use a clean mascara wand. Great way to recycle used mascaras!

I find it best to apply my mascara after I have applied my eye makeup… more as a finishing touch.

I like focusing the product on the outer corner of my eyes to elongate the width of the eyes.
Mascaras are a type of product which I am very careful when using especially since I have a fear of losing too many lashes from the application and removal of it. Take your time when you are removing this product especially if you are using a waterproof formula.

How old is your mascara? Do not use mascaras that you’ve had for many, many years… however tempting it may be. It simply will not be good for your eyes. Ideally they need to be changed after roughly 3-6 months.

Your eyes a precious so take good care of them :)

Would love to hear from you :) What are your favourite mascaras?


  1. Such a nice post with really good tips :)
    My fave mascara is maybelline the falsies but I really want to try The Rocket, it seems amazing!

    Mirisweet! xX

    1. Thanks Miriam! I had tried the The Colossal Volum’ Express first and then got The Rocket. Since having used the latter I really have not used any others (so far)! Really like the results it gives :) Would totally love to try their other ones aswell

  2. Very detailed post - I loved the history!
    I don't love the Maybelline Volum'Express mascara I have, but I'm looking forward to your comparison post between the Colossal V'E and the Rocket V'E (I have the Falsies V'E) :)
    The Oxford Owl

    1. Thanks Asha! Thought the history was rather interesting and totally had to include it :)
      Oh you did not like the The Colossal Volum’ Express- I think it is worth trying The Rocket if you are considering trying any other Maybelline Mascaras. Will have a comparison up soon and hopefully it can help you make a more well informed decision :)

  3. lovely post!! :) loved all the tips



  4. Love love LOVE the Rocket! Actuallly I've loved every maybelline mascara I've ever owned! :)

    1. Me too! :) Totally love Maybelline eye products- The Rocket is gorgeous right!
      Thanks for the comment!