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Work and Redundancy

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It has certainly been a while since I wrote a piece on Golden and Sheen. As you can guess from the title of this post, there was a strong reason for my absence. Having gone through work redundancy, I wanted to share some advice/ tips based on my experience. Whether you’re going through redundancy or reaching the end of the road, remember to keep your faith alive and strong. I hope you find this post helpful :)

1)      Do not take it personally
Redundancy is a business decision and is not a reflection of you.
It is so important to recognise the situation for it is. It is a very stressful situation and taking care of your mental and emotional wellbeing is highly important.

2)      Do get advice and know your rights
Ask as many questions as you need to understand what the process entails and what you are entitled to e.g. notice period, legal aspects, whether you are entitled to appropriate time off for interviews, support with finding a new role etc. It is best to have this information in writing so to avoid any miscommunication and misunderstanding. It is a requirement for your employer to provide you with the necessary information.

3)      Find out if there is someone you can speak to for support during the process
This period can be a very confusing and difficult time. Getting emotional support and financial advice are services which would be recommendable to make the most of.

4)      Maintain your integrity
Understanding the process, getting yourself in the right mind set and seeking help/ advice from those around you will help you have a better handle of the situation. Take this as a learning experience. I learnt a great deal from my redundancy. I learnt a lot about myself and my capabilities as well as a lot about people in general and about the logistics involved in such processes. I found out that I was a lot stronger than previously thought. Although I was going through this hardship, I was able to put that aside and support the colleagues around me who needed help.

So my advice to you is to take the positive from this experience. Learn, grow and develop as a person. Getting into the right mind set also provides you with the advantage of being able to tell your story without pointing the figure of blame at anyone.

Maintain your integrity. When you go to interviews and when you are in a situation where you are expected to talk about why your term at your workplace came to an end, do so in a respectable manner without attacking anyone. This will also presents you in a positive light in front of your potential new employers.

5)      Don’t lose yourself or your faith
You may feel like your world is crumbling and that you have lost control of your life.
Try to achieve a work life balance. Don’t let the situation consume every minute of your life.
This is of course easier said than done but you need to start off with the intention and saying this to yourself. Know that you are strong and worthy. You will recover from this situation and you will come out on top. Trust yourself, your capabilities and have faith.

6)      Take it one step at a time and look at this as an opportunity
Make a schedule and a budget. You are in control.
This will help you take the control back which you may feel like you lost during the redundancy period. Schedule in the time where you will be applying for new jobs, set up job alerts and remember to schedule in some ‘you time’ aswell. You will function better and be able to think more clearly if you are well rested and find a balance as opposed to spending every moment of each day worrying or falling into the realms of feeling desperate. I remember feeling extremely low when I didn’t hear back from job applications and interviews…yes interviews! There were interviews I went to where I felt everything went well but the company/ agency never got back to me! No feedback, no reply… nothing. Remember that keeping yourself positive will help you to keep going and not give up. That positive energy can then be seen in your interviews.
7)      Blessing in disguise- Un mal pour un bien
During such difficult times, it can be inevitable to view this as the worse thing ever and feel like this is a circumstance that you will never get over. However, life and its experiences has a lot to do with our perspective and how we view the events in our lives. Ask yourself, an answer truthfully:
·         Were you really happy where you were,
·         Did you see yourself there forever,
·         Had you become too complacent,
·         Were you satisfied with your career progression or did you become stagnant in your career
·         Is there anything new you want to try and experiences you want to gain which you had not received in your current role

8)      Build up your connections and networks
Sign up to professional platforms, reach out to those in senior positions such as former managers and bosses and speak to people who inspire you. All this will help during the process. Seek constructive feedback, career advice and guidance. Go to job fairs, join agencies and sign up to career newsletters. By taking these steps you will hopefully have a clearer idea as to the direction you want to explore.

9)      Prepare for the next chapter of your life
I found that my redundancy gave me the push I needed to leave and progress my career as well as try new things and gain new experiences. I also did the most amount of traveling during that period as a result of the opportunities I was putting myself forward for which, hadn’t it been for the redundancy, I may have not gotten out of my comfort zone.

10)   Time heals
The whole redundancy process did take a lot out of me. I felt the toll after I had left. However, time heals. Taking the time you need to recover is essential. Yes, we have to work and make a living etc etc but remember, you must also live life and keep yourself healthy.

The world is your oyster. It is a beautiful and magnificent place. Do not let this experience limit you!

I truly hope you find this helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to help!

Til next time mes amies

Sheen xxx

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  1. Great post - best of luck in wherever life takes you next! :) xx