Monday, 29 May 2017

Eye makeup look: The one with the lilac shimmers

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are well.
Today is Bank Holiday Weekend in London! If you ask me, every week should consist of a 3 day weekend. I really think it would help with the work life balance and increase productivity!

As a working girl, bank holidays mean a lot to me. It means I have time to truly dedicate to activities I am fond of such as blogging… so today I bring you another eye makeup look! Aren’t you lucky ;)

I posted this look on my Instagram and it has gained a considerable amount of likes and comments. Click here to check out my page!

To achieve this look, I used the MUA Makeup Academy Professional eyeshadow palettes in Undressed. I wanted to use the shades from this one palette given its beautiful selection of shimmer shades.

To complete the look, I topped it with my black eyeliner and mascara.

And that’s it, a beautiful lilac shimmer look accompanied with a light pink shade in the inner corner of the eyes to make the eyes pop.

Let me know if you give this look a go!

Till next time mes amies

Sheen xxx

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