Sunday, 6 November 2016

Festive Season | Ted Baker Haul

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Ah Halloween… that time of the year where we have a reason to look completely crazy and go wild with the makeup and costumes! Did you do anything special for Halloween… dressed up/costumes?
Now that Halloween is of the past, we know that the festive season and the end of the year is approaching fast and almost upon us!

Leading up to festive seasons, there are many gift sets released. I do like the idea of gift sets as it’s pretty handy, not only if you are short of time, but they usually follow a theme and group particular items of interest together in beautiful packaging. However, I am usually a little sceptical when it comes to gift sets. Sometimes not all products included are to ones taste be it the shade or scent of the product. At times it seems there may also be a compromise on the quality of the products included in gift sets. 

Today I bring you a Ted Baker haul which could be of interest to someone who loves makeup… uhum ;)  The set was originally £40.00 but I believe I got it on sale at around £20.00 at Boots.  
The set is called ‘The Girl with the Beautiful Face’ and consists of products for the face, lips, eyes and nails. 

The gift box has 2 compartments. 

The top of the box can be accessed by lifting the flap which also contains a mirror. The compartment beneath is a drawer. So this piece works well as storage… I never complain when it comes to additional storage! 

The top compartment contains the following products:

2 ‘Illuminating Liquids’ (nail polish)
- Pearly Pink
- Golden Glow

2 Nail polishes which do not have names for some reason…. One has a metallic effect and is silver with a hint of pink. The other is a vibrant red shade.

‘Bronzing Compact’ which frankly appears to be more of a highlighter than a bronzer. It has a combinations of shades which include pink, cream and a dusky grey shade. This product is accompanied by a kabuki brush which is soft and pleasant.

The drawer compartment contains:

Lip crayon- Unfortunately has no name but fortunately it is a beautiful shade for fall. I would describe it as a deep plum shade with a hint of maroon.

Lipstick- Vibrant red shade. Again, has no name… I see a pattern here…

Lip Crayon (Top) and Lipstick (bottom) swatch

Eyelash curler

2 Eye crayons
- Metallic sliver shade
- Light gold, metallic effect

Mascara- Black

Eyeliner- Black

I noticed that quite a few of the products do not have a name or a code assigned which is rather odd. It could perhaps be due to the products being limited editions.

In terms of quality, I will need to use the products for a while before I can give a true verdict on all of them.

So far, I like the ‘Illuminating Liquids’ in Golden Glow.

The eye crayons are very creamy and glides on smoothly.

The eyeliner was rather disappointing as it transfers and I found that it dried out/ finished rather quickly! Definitely not what I was expecting. I am therefore a little worried about the mascara but have not yet tried this so will try to remain optimistic. I am looking forward to trying the lip crayon… I love the shade!

Do you like gift sets and have you tried any which you would totally recommend? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Til next time mes amies,

Sheen xxx

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