Monday, 29 February 2016

Accessory of the Month | Double Sided Earrings

Hi everyone!
I hope you’re well. I was super excited to post today on the 29th of February… I mean seriously… the day only comes once every 4 years :)
This would be a great time to tell you about a piece of accessory that I have been obsessed with. Double sided earrings. This is something very new to me (and to the fashions scene it seems if I’m not wrong). I was attracted to them when I saw a fellow blogger wearing them in an Instagram picture (ofcourse). 

I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across the pair below in H & M and to make the experience even better my birthday was approaching so it was a little gift to myself. In my opinion, they are absolutely stunning. They have an antique feel to them with the intricate details on the back piece and the diamante on the front which really brings the piece together.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Bloggers Hangout | London Fashion Week Event

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are well and enjoying the weekend.

On Monday, I was super happy to attend a London Fashion Week event held by The Bloggers Hangout in Hoxton, London. I was a little worried that morning as it had been raining. Thankfully, by the time I was heading down to the event, the weather had pleasantly changed and there was even a little sunshine to brighten up the day.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Magnitone Barefaced!

Hi Everyone, 

I hope you are all well. We are already in the second month of 2016… oh how time flies! 

Today I bring you a post on Magnitone BareFaced Vibra-Sonic Cleansing Brush which I recently received when I took part in the Bloggers’ Hangout Twitter Party. Skin care is very important to me. Keeping ones skin clean and cleansed is an essential to achieve skin that is happy and healthy (ofcourse it goes hand in hand with other elements such as a good diet, healthy lifestyle and perhaps… good genes!). However, when one lives in the city in can be that bit more difficult to achieve this given the level of pollution in the environment. I have my little regime which I follow to try to keep my skin in decent condition which include the use of creams, hot cloths, facial scrubs and washes. One thing which I have yet to try, is a cleansing brush. 

Magnitone BareFaced, which retails for £70, came wrapped in a beautiful pink packaging complete with a bow and ribbon.