Sunday, 17 November 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award - Update

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all well!

In September I posted about my Very Inspiring Blogger Award nomination. I was nominated by the lovely Kammi from Beauty Book Blog. I really appreciate being nominated!

I have finally updated my post and nominated some fab bloggers for this award.

To check out my post, rules for the nomination and several ‘get to know me’ facts please click here to view the original post.

The lovely bloggers I would like to nominate are:


1.       Kate-

2.       Hannah-

3.       Olivia-

4.       Rebecca Sheen 

5.       Stephs Inside Voice-

6.       Becky-

7.       Laura-

8.       Asha-

9.       Sophia-

10.   Amelia from

And I would love to also nominate the person who nominated me for this award; Kammi!

I hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I do :)

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Starting Off Project- Summary

Hi Everyone!

Hope you are all well!
Sadly The Starting Off Project (#theSOproject) has come to an end!

The aim of the project was to provide advice/experience/opinion of products which fall in the weekly categories to an audience ranging from those who are ‘starting off’ and are new to the world of makeup and beauty to those seeking tips and advice. Along with my posts I have tried to include some tips which  can hopefully help you along the way.
I was really excited for this opportunity. As well as attempting to share details of my favourite products and provide readers with advice/personal experiences regarding various products, it also gave me a chance to learn more from others.

The project ran over a course of 10 weeks and began on Tuesday 27th August 2013.  

The following are the different category that was covered each week.
You can click on the corresponding links to catch up on any of the posts.

 Click here to view post
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Black Head Eliminating daily scrub

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E.L.F Complete Coverage Concealer (Medium)
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The Body Shop Oil Free Balancing Foundation with SPF 15 (Shade 06)

No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Foundation (Shade: Sandstorm)
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Week 8: Eyeshadow
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I did not write a specific eyeshadow post as part of theSOproject. I had previously reviewed the Sleek eyeshadow palettes which is certainly a product that I love. I think that they would be suitable for most as there are now a range of palettes to choose from.  If you are someone who is 'starting' off with makeup or new to the world of eyeshadows, I think that these palettes are a nice place to start.

Click here to view a look I created using Sleek eyeshadow. 

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 I hope you liked the project and found the posts to be helpful/ enjoyable to read  :)