Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Week 7- Starting Off Project: Eyeliner

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We are now on Week 7 (already!) of The Starting Off Project (#theSOproject) and the category is Eyeliner!

I am a huge eye makeup fan and really think that abit of eyeliner always adds something very special to a look. It is one of the types of cosmetics I never go without!

Eyeliners; Starting from the Top Left: Gosh (Gold Bronze), Gosh (Golden Moss), E.L.F. Liquid Eyeliner, PPOP Beauty (Aubergine, from Top Shop), Rmmel Scandaleyes (005 Nude); Middle: Maybelline Liner Express (Black); Bottom Left: H&M Glitter Eyeliner, Bourjois Paris Liner Clubbing (Electro Blue), Bourjois Paris Liner Clubbing (Violet Laser), Gosh Extreme Art Eye Liner, The Body Shop Liquid Liner (02- Gold)

What are Eyeliners?
Eyeliners are a type of cosmetic which is used to define the eyes. They come in many different colours and shades as well as numerous forms and consistencies. They can come on the form a pencil, gel, cream or liquid.

Eyeliners can change a look with minimal effort.

You can add a bold stroke to add intensity to the eyes and provide a dramatic look or alternatively can add a softer line for a more subtle effect.

There are many different ways to apply eyeliner and many different looks that can be achieved with these wonder products. Either way they add something very special to eyes.

Thought it would be interesting to add some History regarding these little beauties.
Eyeliners have been well associated with Ancient Egypt where it was used in early 10,000 BC.
Females as well Males of high status used eyeliners to define the eyes. They were also used as a means of protection against wrinkles which can occur following constant exposure to the sun and desert climate. Eyeliners however were not merely a fashion accessory but were also used for religious purposes.

 Today, eyeliners are still very chic and worn for various looks ranging from glamorous to gothic and beyond.

Interesting ey…

Types of Eyeliners
Eyeliners come in many different shades.
I love wearing classic black eyeliners. But it is also very refreshing to add a pop of colour to these to add something different.

Eyeliners can also come in many different consistencies including pencil, gel and liquid.

Liquid Eyeliner
Maybelline Liner Express
This is my absolute FAVOURITE eyeliner!

It has a sponge, precision applicator which makes the product very easy to apply.
The formula and the applicator allow the liner to glide on smoothly.
I use this product in Black and waterproof.


It is rather rare in my opinion to find a nice eyeliner that does not make the eyes water, and no flakes and one that actually stays on for the length of the day.

But for me this Maybelline Liner express ticks all the boxes. I have not ever really felt the need to reapply/retouch my liner when wearing this little beauty neither have I had to check whether it has smeared down my face!

All in all I have had a great experience with it and for this reason have worn it for a number of years. I actually think I need to do a separate post just for this liner and demonstrate some of the different looks that can be achieved.

For now… hope you like the images : )

The Maybelline Liner Express retails for about £5.19 and can be purchased from stores such as Boots and Superdrugs.
Cream/Gel Eyeliner
E.L.F. Cream Eyeliner
I recently bought this product and I am really excited to try it. Once I have used it I will be posting up a review.
It looks gorgeous and comes in a very lovely sleek packaging accompanied by a mini angled eyeliner brush.

It has a ‘Smudge-proof, budge-proof and water-resistant’ formula. Looking forward to trying it!

They are available in numerous colours.

I am very tempted to order the Midnight Blue shade but I think I will try out this Black one first : )

It is currently retailing at £3.75 on the E.L.F. website

Please click here to check out my E.L.F. Haul.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Liner (Shade: 005- Nude)
I bought this eyeliner in the shade Nude.
I have been wearing it on my lower waterline and inner tear duct area to give the illusion of larger/wider eyes. This therefore provides the appearance of eyes which are more open and wake.

This Rimmel eyeliner is very soft and glides on super smoothly.
The colour is intense and with one stroke you can really see its high intensity.
It is available in a number of different colours. 

Currently retailing for about £3.99 from Boots and Superdrugs

A Pop of Colour
Although I usually stick to Black eyeliners, it is nice to sometimes add a little something extra, something a little different to the eye makeup to change things up a bit.

Adding some colour to your eyeliner is great way to alter a look.

I like to do this by first applying my black liner as normal and then just slightly above that line I would add a fine line of a coloured liner, be in the form of a pencil or liquid etc.
If I am doing a winged eyeliner (line with an extended flick) then I would add a slight hint of colour to the winged area.

Since this post has now ended up being a rather long post and apparently not sufficient for me to express my love for eyeliners, I will be doing further posts regarding eyeliners, swatches, tips and reviews : )

If there is anything in particular you would like to see included please feel free to leave me comment.

Would love to know what your favourite eyeliners are!


  1. I love all your different coloured ones! Love reading a bit of history too, I find it so fascinating to learn about make up styles from way back in time.

    Rebecca x

    1. Thank you! It is great to find out what the style was previously- really helps when trying to add a twist to the classics :)

  2. Such a great post. really informative!! xx

    1. Thanks for visiting and for the lovely comment :)

  3. Skipping over mine this week because I only have two eyeliner and they look rather knackered, lol. I agree with you, eyeliner can change your whole look and personality with minimal effort. Those Gosh colours look very exciting!

    Beauty from the Fjord xxx

    1. Thanks Olivia!
      I love eyeliners and a bit of colour is always great! :)

  4. I love the history behind every makeup product, specially eyeliner!! great post :)

    1. Thank you! Glad you liked it :)
      It's great to know when/where/how etc things originated especially in regards to makeup items like eyeliners. You can then find out classic styles and add changes to your everyday looks

  5. Brilliant post dear xx


    1. Thank you for visiting and for the lovely comment :)