Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Week 4- Starting Off: Bronzer

Hiya! Hope you are all well!

It is already week 4 of The Starting Off Project (#theSOproject) and the topic this week is Bronzers!
So let’s commence…

What are Bronzers?
Bronzers are a type of cosmetic which when applied to the skin gives a sun-kissed appearance by enhancing your natural skin tone. Its purpose is to darken the complexion slightly ultimately adding colour to the skin and making it great for contouring as well.

Achieving a tan by exposing your skin frequently to the Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the Sun or tanning beds etc can be very harmful. It can increase the likelihood of suffering from skin cancer since UV is a carcinogen (an agent involved in causing cancers). As a Biomedical Science graduate I will try not to go into the details of carcinogenesis J Bottom line is tanning by exposure to UV rays can result in premature aging, wrinkles, mutate DNA and cause cancer.

A safer alternative to achieve that lovely summer glow to ones skin is ofcourse… Makeup!! Bronzers can take various forms and come in different consistencies such as powder, cream, gel and spray.

My little collection
I use bronzers for contouring and mostly use them in a powder form.
Since I am not a frequent user of bronzers, I have a limited collection.

This post will include bronzers from H&M, Collection 2000 and The Body Shop.

H&M Bronzing Powder
I absolutely adore this product! I find it easy to apply and blend.
I don’t think that this product comes in any other shade. Since it is a subtle brown shade it appears that it may be suitable for various skin tones. However, it is definitely worth swatching the cosmetics before buying.

This retails for about £5.99.

Collection 2000 Mosaic Shimmering Glow Powder
This little beauty is a multi-tonal bronzing powder. It contains various sun-kissed colours adding warmth to the skin. It also provides radiance and glow since it contains shimmer. Usually I am more of a ‘mattes’ kinda gal. However, in this case I have made an exception! The shimmer is not in the form of chunks of glitter but instead it is more a metallic combination of warm colours which adds a slight sheen.

If you are not confident with products that have shimmer, simply add small quantities of the product. I always find it easier to build up the product rather than adding lots of it and being overwhelmed by glitter and shine!

This product can be found at Superdrugs or Boots and it retails for around £2.99


The Body Shop Brush on Shimmer and Glow
This brush on bronzer is composed of ‘magical little beads of iridescent colour’ in the words of The Body Shop. The product contains multi-tonal beads which blend together to enhance your natural skin tone whilst adding a soft luminous glow. It feels lovely and soft when applied.

It retails for about £14.99

I think that bronzers are possibly one of the most tricky cosmetics to apply since an incorrect application or too much product can result in an ‘dirty’ appearance to your skin.

Remember- Less is more!
Bronzers can help you achieve a nice warm glow to your skin by enhancing your natural skin tone for a soft sun-kissed look. Therefore, choose a shade that is only slightly darker than your natural skin tone.

Around one or two shades darker should be suffice.

Shades which are substantially darker or too strong can give the appearance of ‘mud on your face’ or give a fake orange tinge. Try and make your makeup look ‘believable’ rather than too ‘made up’.

Hands, Brushes or Sponges
I apply bronzers with sponges and brushers and find both to be great applicators. If you use brushers, choose a softer, fluffy brush that has a rounded top. This will make application easier.

How and Where to apply?
With your applicator, create a number 3 on your face starting from the forehead, come in along the cheek area and finish off at the jaw line to the chin. This helps to create a ‘shadow’ in the areas the light would not normally hit.

Remember- Do not forget the neck! Blend the product down onto the neck so that there is consistency in your makeup. Would not want different parts of your anatomy in completely different shades… or seasons!

Hope this was a helpful post!

Would love to hear more about your favourite bronzers! What are your must haves/ tips? :)


  1. Ah the body shop bronzer looks fabulous! I'm constantly discovering new products from there thanks to you! :)


    1. Arr thanks :) Really worth trying some of their products!

      Just checked out your post and you have some lovely products listed. And the ice cream! Omg i think i may just need to pay Harrods a little visit! :)

  2. The Body Shop pearls look so pretty but I seem to get them everywhere haha! Lovely post xx

    1. Thanks Steph! :)
      The product is lovely and yes so true different brands do have their own variations of it

  3. Such a nice blog post! The Body Shop one looks amazing, and love the shimmer it has :D

    Mirisweet! xX

    1. Thanks Miriam!
      The Body Shop bronzer is lovely and really like that the shimmer isn't overwhelming :)

      Thanks for visiting and for the lovely comment!

  4. Bronzers - the perfect product for your blog name!!

    Great products - the Body Shop one looks gorgeous!

    Rebecca x

    1. Thanks Rebecca!
      And so true! I guess 'Golden and Sheen' are terms that describe the perfect bronzer ;)

  5. I love the packaging of the Body Shop one, its so pretty!
    Becky xx


    1. Hi Becky! I totally love the gold lid and its shimmery effect! The product is also rather nice :)

      Thanks for the comment and reading my blog :)