Thursday, 26 September 2013

This or That Tag

Hi everyone! 
I was recently tagged by the lovely Beth from PerpetualStyle to do the This and That Tag!
This is my first ‘tag’ post and I am super excited! So let’s commence…

Make Up

Blusher or Bronzer:
Oh that’s a tough one but if I must choose I think I will have to go with Blusher. A little colour is always nice.

Lipgloss or Lipstick:
Lipstick! I love Lipsticks! Lipglosses are also great… especially when topping up a lipstick but frankly I haven’t worn lipglosses on their own for a long time.

Liner or Mascara:
Liner!! Eyeliners are pretty much one of my favourite cosmetics.

Foundation or Concealer:
Foundation- I think it can somewhat compensate for the absence of concealers

Neutral Eyeshadow or Colour Eyeshadow:
I really like neutral eyeshadows… hmm but a pop of colour is also gorgeous… ok so I think I would go with Neutral as you can make it work for different occasions easily

Pressed or Loose Eyeshadow:
Pressed Eyeshadow


OPI or China Glaze:
I have not yet used either of these…. Next question J

Long or Short Nails:
Medium! Ok then short

Acrylic or Natural:

Bright or Dark:

Flower or No Flower:
I like flowers but I generally do not put them on my nails


Perfume or Body Spray:

Lotion or Body Butter:

Body Wash or Soap:
Body Wash

Lush or Other Bath Companies:
Lush products are absolutely lush but I do like a number of products from other companies. If it has a good scent and lovely for the skin then that works great for me

Jeans or Sweat Pants:

Long Sleeves or Short Sleeves:
Long Sleeves

Dresses or Skirts:

Stripes or Plaid
Umm… Plaids especially since winter is approaching. I like Stripes as well and recently bought a dress with stripes…lovely dress…lovely fashion trend but they really remind me of bar codes…

Flip Flops or Sandals:

Scarves or Hats:
Scarves! I love scarves and think that they truly add something special to an outfit and they are great all year round

Studs or Dangly Earrings:
I wear studs more often but I sure do love dangly earrings

Necklace's or Bracelets
Oh dear this is a tough one. I love both of these type of accessories. If I have to choose one I guess I would go for necklaces as you can really dress up a simple outfit with a statement piece

Heels or Flats:

Jackets or Hoodies:


Curly or Straight:
Loose curls

Bun or Ponytail:

Bobby Pins or Bufferfly Clips:
Bobby Pins

Hair Spray or Gel:
Hair Spray

Long or Short:
Long Hair for sure. I think it is very versatile and easier to achieve different looks with.

Light or Dark:
At the moment I really like ombre hair which basically involves both light and dark! I guess I shall choose Dark

Side Sweep or Full Bangs (Fringe):
Side sweep

Up or Down:


Rain or Shine:

Summer or Winter:

Autumn or Spring:

Chocolate or Vanilla:

I tag:
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And I tag all of YOU! 

Feel free to leave me a comment and if you have done the tag leave me your links

Look forward to reading your posts :)

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Week 5- Starting Off: Blushers

Hope you are all well and having a great week!

We are now on Week 5 of The Starting Off Project (#theSOproject) and the topic this week is Blusher!

What are Blushers
Blushes are a type of cosmetic which adds a hint of colour to the skin and provides a healthy glow.
Blushes come in many different colours and shades from subtle pinks and peach to fuscia and red.
They come in various forms and consistencies including powder, cream and liquid.

This type of product, when used moderately, can really accentuate ones natural skin tone therefore it is definitely great to try swatches to find that perfect/ complementary shade.

Check out the Tips Section below for some advice regarding these little beauties.

The following is a blush that I really like and think that it provides great results.

Benefits Benetint- Rose tinted lip & cheek stain
This is a liquid tint by Benefit which can be used for the cheeks and lips.
I adore this product!

I think this product works great for all skin tones and skin types. Pretty much universal :)
It is very easy to apply and blends beautifully to provide a very natural flush/tint as well as being very easy to build upon to give a more intense look.

Benefits Benetint- Rose tinted lip & cheek stain

Benefits Benetint- Rose tinted lip & cheek stain

Remember- Moderation goes a long way!
Too much blush can give a more ‘cartoonish’ appearance.

Blushes are great to complement the natural tones in your skin. Therefore try and find a shade that does not appear overwhelming on your skin.

For instance, I have found that since my skin can turn rather 'redish' at time, I find that using coral/ peach tone powder blushes is more complementing.

I think that for pale skin pink blushes can be very complementing whilst for olive skin peaches and darker skin red and burnt oranges are gorgeous.

However do not feel restricted when choosing your blushers. Wear what truly makes you happy.
Like eye shadows, blushers come in many different shades. If you like a particular colour, go for it! With the right amount and mixture the perfect look can usually be achieved.

Try not to smile when applying blush since this can be very inaccurate and result in an application of the product much lower down the face when you stop smiling.

I feel that applying the blush on the apple of the cheeks and curving the line up to the ear gives a better result than when applying the product to the apple of the cheeks. Applying the product directly to the apple of the cheeks can give a rather overwhelming appearance especially when using darker shades of blusher like dark pinks/reds.

What are your favourite Blushers and tips? Would love to hear about your must have products :)