Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Mini New Look Jewellery Haul

I absolutely adore jewellery and accessorising can definitely change an outfit for various occasions. Exciting little things aren’t they!  

Usually rings draw me in deeply. I bought the following three sets of rings from New Look which I thought would be perfect for summer.

3 Pack Gold, Silver and Rose Pointed Fingertip Rings

I really liked the shade of these rings especially the rose gold one. They fit very comfortably without a fear that they will cut off the circulation in my finger! Looking forward to pairing these with an outfit and will hopefully start doing ‘looks/outfits of the day’.

3 Pack Gold, Silver and Rose Pointed Fingertip Rings (£2.99)

Mix Chain Connect Ring

Love how this piece has 3 chains of different colours connecting two rings. I think this ring has a unique charming design. For this type of ring, since it has chains, I feel that the remainder of the ‘arm candy jewellery’ should remain fairly simple such as with a dainty bracelet paired with a watch.

Mix Chain Connect Ring (£3.99. Was £2.00 in the sale)

Set of 5 Rings in Rose and Gold
This set really stood out to me and hence I just had to get it. The black/brown detailing on the rose gold rings makes this set attractive.

Set of 5 Rings in Rose and Gold

I guess there was a little theme in terms of the colours/shades of these ring. Loving the rose/gold jewellery and think they are fab all year round... especially for summer. 

Would love to hear what your statement pieces are and what exciting accessories you have in your jewelery box :)


  1. those are the coolest rings ever! totally loving knuckle rings right now:)

  2. Thank you :) This summer I have really been loving rings especially knuckle ones! What has your summer accessory been?